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cryogenic grinding diagnostics

  • Cryogenic Grinders OPS Diagnostics

    The AC Block™ Kit provides an effective, high throughput tool for cryogenic grinding of samples. Now with a 6x5" opening for liquid nitrogen racks. The CryoGrinder™ is the homogenizer of choice for small and difficult to grind samples. CryoGrinder ™ Set with two mortars and four pestles.

  • Cryogenics OPS Diagnostics

    To combat this problem, OPS Diagnostics designed our CryoCooler™, a valuable tool for preserving the integrity of frozen vials of cultured cells and tissue specimens. The AC Block™ Kit provides an effective, high throughput tool for cryogenic grinding of samples. Now with a 6x5" opening for liquid nitrogen racks.

  • CryoGrinder™ System OPS Diagnostics

    The CryoGrinder™ mortar and pestle were specifically designed to grind small and difficult tissues (e.g., skin, sclera) at cryogenic temperatures. Their small design allows for grinding up to 100 mg of sample without excessive sample loss. A rechargeable, cordless wrench (screwdriver) assists in the grinding

  • CryoGrinder Kit OPS Diagnostics

    The CryoGrinder™ was specifically designed to grind small and difficult to homogenize tissues (e.g., skin, sclera) at cryogenic temperatures. Each CryoGrinder™ mortar can efficiently accommodate up to 100 mg of sample, though most researchers use 10-20 mg. Pestles fit the cordless, rechargeable wrench (i.e., screwdriver), to ease the grinding

  • Mechanical Disruption Methods: Grinding OPS

    It is still a popular grinding tool in the lab, being used for some of the most advanced analytical processes. A miniaturized version of the mortar and pestle, the CryoGrinder™, is used for scaled down cryogenic grinding of small samples in the milligram range.

  • Cryogenic Workstation II OPS Diagnostics

    The Cryogenic Workstation II™ is a second generation product designed to hold two cryogenic racks at temperatures below -150°C so that sample tubes can be handled without fear of warming. The side-by-side design allows for the sorting of samples from two Cryogenic

  • Application Notes OPS Diagnostics-sample

    Tested on Zea mays (corn), Duckweed, tobacco, Sorghum, wheat and more. Cryogenic Homogenization of Animal Tissue. A protocol on cryogenically homogenizing animal tissue for RNA isolation. Specifically for samples, less than 100 mg processed using a CryoGrinder™, which is a miniaturized mortar with a motorized pestle.

  • ICM International

    2020-8-14 · 商品介绍:OPS Diagnostics、微生物冷冻干燥溶液 、冻结干燥试剂 (2X)、冷冻干燥指示试剂、细菌冷冻套组、Synergy 2.0 核酸提取试剂盒、CTAB 植物核酸萃取溶液、特殊材料研磨球、特殊材料研砵、GT 300、D 1030 portable homogenizer/cell lyser、Portable

  • Retsch : 应用 : 工业 : 医学 / 制药

    CryoMill Cryogenic grinding was never more convenient or efficient Some sample materials have properties which make size reduction at ambient temperature impossible. If, for example, very elastic materials need to be ground or volatile components have to be preserved for further analysis, it is essential to carry out cryogenic grinding.

  • Materials Free Full-Text Effect of Cryogenic Grinding

    Cryogenic grinding was able to produce a quality product with less material and also reduced the grinding force when compared to dry and wet grinding . It has been shown that cryogenic grinding is efficient in eliminating tensile residual stress in the surface by reducing the cutting zone temperature and surface roughness [27,28,29].

  • cryogenic grinding of polypropylene

    2021-4-1 · cryogenic grinding of polypropylene barkboats.cz. cryogenic grinding of polypropylene. In order to produce fine polymer powders, a special and unconventional cryogenic grinding system was established using liquid nitrogen, where a jetvortex mill was used as the grinding mill The major feature of this grinding process is that heat generation during the grinding period was.

  • ICM International

    2020-8-14 · The sample become brittle and the volatile components are preserved under the low temperature, so that a good grinding effect can be achieved. The automatic control function of liquid nitrogen content avoids the contact and danger of manual operation. CryoGrinder LM200 can also be used in dry grinding at normal temperature.

  • Sample Preparation of Biological Materials From Cell

    From Bead Beating for cell disruption through homogenization and pulverization to cryogenic grinding, RETSCH offers reliable and convenient solutions for sample preparation in fields such as diagnostics, biotechnology, microbiology, agriculture, and forensics.

  • CryoMill from RETSCH GmbH Labcompare

    Its versatility (cryogenic, wet and dry grinding at room temperature) makes the CryoMill the ideal grinder for quantities up to 20 ml. Features. Powerful cryogenic grinding by impact and friction, up to 25 Hz. 3 different grinding modes (cryogenic, dry or wet at ambient temperature) Closed LN 2 -system (autofill) for enhanced safety, avoids any

  • Liquid nitrogen motorized mortar and pestle, cell

    2016-1-18 · This product is a motorized mortar and pestle for cryogenic grinding of heat sensitive samples. The mortar is a specially designed porcelain/zirconium composite that is chilled in a liquid nitrogen reservoir. OPS Diagnostics is excited to offer

  • Cryogenic Tubes (LLG) Reagecon Diagnostics Limited

    Brand PP Round-Bottom Cryogenic Tubes with External Thread; 2ml Capacity. 缺货. € 343,55. 6238908.

  • Cryogenic Boxes (LLG) Reagecon Diagnostics Limited

    LLG Cryogenic Storage Box Plastic Coated 136x136 Yellow Internal Height 50mm 缺货 € 3,52 6079079 LLG Partition Insert for Cryoboxes 133x133 Array 4x4 for Tubes Diamater ca. 30.8mm

  • Cryo Block at Thomas Scientific

    Cryo-Blocks for Cryogenic Grinding in the Geno/Grinder®. 15 mL Polycarbonate Vials: Aluminum block holds six 2251PC vials, as used in 2250 Vial Set. Cryo-Blocks are chilled in 2600 Cryo-Station to preserve RNA and proteins during grinding. Sold in pairs. 2661 Cryo-Block for 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes: Aluminum block holds fifteen 15 mL conical

  • Sample Grinder at Thomas Scientific

    Micro-Mill® Grinders. SP Bel-Art. limestone, pharmaceuticals, pigment blends, plastics, rocks, roots, shale, seeds, slags, soil, teeth, wood, etc. To provide safety and prevent sample loss, the grinder operates only when the cover is latched in place. Supplied

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